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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Dynatrace solution for Point of Sale Application Performance issue?


The Point of Sale system is Wincor-Nixdorf
running on TPLinux platform. The POS end point is running on an Intel
based PC – Beetle. Please see attached Beetle information.

Customer is experiencing slowness when the Point of Sale system is accessing a membership database server located remotely over the WAN.

Can DCRUM or any other Dynatrace product monitor the performance of a Point of Sale system?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

To be able to answer, we would need detailed network communications specs. The attached document does not provide anything regarding how it communicates on a network with the exception of noting that Wake on LAN and PXE boot are supported.

For DC-RUM we would need to know what protocols are being used to communicate with the membership database to be able to say if there is native ability or the universal decode would be usable.

For UEM, we would need to know more about the server front end and/or the client application on the POS endpoint to know if it is a supported platform.

-- Erik


Hi Victor,

it seems a perfect opportunity for DC RUM. Erik is right, the hardware specification you attached doesn't help. Instead, network protocol specs and/or a traffic trace of a transaction (ideally, the slow one) would be a great start. Even if the network protocol underneath the transaction isn't a popular one (like HTTP), DC RUM can still be a solution of choice with his powerful Universal Decode, which was designed to deal with situations like this. It's been proved to analyze industry-specific protocols (financial, industrial) and this one doesn't seem to be different.




Guys Anybody Implemeted Dynatrace DCRUM for POS Device Monitoring ? If Yes How it is working ?