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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

ESM Agent Bind Network Card - Data Retention Agent

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Dynatrace Organizer


During Agent Recorder installation, there is an option to bind the Agent Recorder to one of the existing network adapters (either wired Ethernet or WiFi). See step 12 here:

12. If multiple network interface cards are installed on the Agent machine, the Choose NIC Card window appears. Select the NIC card to use, then click Next.

We got questions from our customers around that topic:

  • Does it make any difference where it is bound to? Most importantly with regards to the Client, Network, Server timings reported?
  • Can this binding be changed after installation?

If the connection between active Agent and Agent Manager is lost, how long is the data stored / retained on the Agent?

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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

It's relevant to the packet capture functionality. The NIC you chose will have the AV agent drive bound to that NIC for the purpose of capturing the synthetic traffic during a transaction.

The CNS timings are done from the capture, so there may be a difference in the timing due to differences in the performanc of each network. I'd recommend disabling the WiFi interface so only the wried one is used - this should provide the best performance/most accurate data.

I'm not aware of a limit on how much data is stored on the agent (disk space will eventually limit it of course). The more important limit, is if the data isn't ready for the AM when the CAS collects it'll be missed by the CAS.

Thanks a lot Chris!

Can the NIC binding be changed afterwards? Or would an Agent Recorder uninstall / reinstall be the only option?

Let's assume the following setup (all separate machines)

Agent <---> ESM Server (AM) <---> CAS Server

  • Connection between Agent and AM is lost for 1 day
  • Script on Agent continues to run in background even though connection is lost
  • Connection between Agent and AM is back after 1 day => Will the performance data for the missing 1 day automatically be sent to the AM?


The NIC binding is part of the Agent install which also installs the Agent Recorder. Please refer to Install an Enterprise Synthetic Agent. The NIC binding can be modified; if this is required, please contact Dynatrace support.

When the connection between an Agent and the AM has been restored after being down, the Agent's data will be transmitted to the AM. The data will then be in a current interval of data provided to the CAS but will eventually be reported as the correct time in the CAS.

Hi Carol,

Could you further describe the process how an Agent stores data locally until connection to the Agent Manager is restored; where is the raw data stored, and what is the default retention period / how can I change it?

Hi. Data is stored in the Agent's Program Data work subfolder until it is transmitted to the Agent Manager. There is no default or configured retention period; ideally, this would not be for an extended time. Thanks!