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Easy way to enable/dsiable AMD data feed into CAS


Hi all,

I know that you can manually enable/disable a data stream from an AMD into the CAS, in the CAS configuration in the RUM-console.

Can this also be done automatically? For instance by changing a parameter in a config-file?

The reason behind this question is that we don't want pollution of the application KPI's during a change/blackout window because of test-traffic, datacenter traffic etc. At the moment this decreases fi.t. the application availability KPI in a negative way.

Since we know, in most cases the change windows upfront, I'm looking for an automatic scripted approach to disable at the start and enable at the end of a change window the AMD data streams. Together with a task scheduler I can this easily program the yearly change calendar.

Is this possible? And if so please provide the details?

If there are other approaches to achieve the same result, please tell.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Paul,

De-attaching the AMD from CAS in RUM Console will not have the desired effect. Reason being is once the AMD is re-connected, the CAS will resume processing of data AMD generated during the period of time it was disconnected, so eventually you'd see all AMD's data in CAS anyway.

What you aim to achieve is to prevent AMD from capturing data during your change/blackout window, so what you need is to stop AMD data processing engine (aka rtmhs process) - and you can schedule turning it OFF an ON with the built-in cron service in Linux

All you need is specify date/time to stop/start the process with these commands:

service rtmhs stop

service rtmhs start


Hi Przemyslaw,

thanks for your quick reply

. This is at least one option to solve my issue. Using cron to start/stop the service rtmhs on predefined change/blackout windows. This need to be done on the AMD's.

My approach in the CAS enabling/disabling datafeed did work in my test-environment. However, only working when done manually. Turning data stream/feed of for a short period.

No AMD-data was processed during that period. It started correctly processing the data from the moment l enabled the data stream again. It didn't

And I was looking for an automated way to achieve that enabling/disabling of data stream/feed into the CAS. But that isn't possible is it? When it can be done via the RUM-console/ Windows Task Scheduler it would make it easier to maintain.



Hi Paul

this will work if you have multiple probes / data feeds on your CAS and other probes will still provide data.

But if there is only one probe or the probe is the only data source that is marked as "Primary" than it won't work because CAS will start processing old data once the probe is available again.

What about the CAS Option (in Advanced Properties)


with this option you can exclude a range of server ip adresses from evaluation of the CAS. So the data from the probe is still processed by the CAS but the ip adresses won't be stored in the database.

Best regards,


Dynatrace Consultant and Center of Excellence Expert


Hi Friederike,

Thanks for this extra information about CAS processing.

The rtmjob.server option might work. We'll know the datacenter IP-ranges and they are already part of this accepted range. However we must automatically and on predefined times be able to delete/add the IP-range list to the parameter.

If this is possible then we have two options that will work. In the meantime I'll test with the service rtmhs stop and start option.