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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Enterprise synthetic


May I ask you to give me a feedback about ending support of enterprise monitoring? I strongly believe that's fake due to future complicated cases in our environment and huge impact on provided services... thanks for feedback jiri


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Support for the Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring product (ESM, a.k.a. Synthetic Private Enterprise a.k.a. ClientVantage) is about to end December 31 2019. This is not a fake news, please see page.

We are encouraging all ESM customers to migrate to Dynatrace Synthetic. Some use cases may not migrate directly and use of 3rd-party products may be needed to fill the gaps. In such case, Dynatrace is ready to ingest 3rd-party synthetic measurements into its data model. See for more on this aspect.

BTW, in parallel we also run a program of migrating Synthetic Classic customers to the same new Dynatrace Synthetic. After it all completes, all customers who have been using any synthetic monitoring products from Dynatrace will be migrated to the same modern, unified solution which is an integral part of the Dynatrace platform and works equally for public, private and cloud networks and apps.

Don't hesitate to contact me directly with any further questions.

Kris Z

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hi Kris!

The first, non fake, page you referred to mentions "Customers can continue using the product after end of support date, but without Dynatrace support beyond December 31, 2019. "
Can you enlighten me, how this is established? There is some confusion over here. Licenses have been issued until 31-12, which would turn the product in-operable as of 1-1-2020. We have customer situation where the migration to other platform will take more time, and 31-12 may not be achievable.

For instance, will there be released a patch that no longer needs a license, or are indefinite licenses issued upon request?

It's upon request. Just let us know - by opening a Support call - that you need open-term licenses and we can deliver such keys for you.