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Error during loading tasks definition, tasks NOT LOADED


I've broke something on our CAS. In the server log I see the error in the subject line followed by: TaskXmlParser, error occured during parsing task definition file tasks-400-rtm.xml: At least one from merging tasks: ARTMDailyDataStore must specify merging.

I attempted to increase the timeout value for the RTMDailyMaintenance from 2 hours to 4 hours when this broke. I did make a "backup copy" of the tasks-400-rtm.xml file before I modified it. However, even when that file is put back into place I still get the error and no tasks are displayed (as expected based on the error).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You probably have two tasks with the same ID ARTMDailyDataStore. Double check all your tasks-*.xml files and remove duplicated IDs (change it)