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Error: unsupported version of Internet Explorer



We recently upgraded from 12.2 to 12.4.6, IE browser also upgraded from 8 to 11.

But we encounter a weird behavior for rum console, its inform us we are not using a support version of IE. However there no such error when we use CAS, when we check the "F12" on IE. We saw the rum console still using IE7 as default, CAS is able to auto direct to the latest Edge as default. Please see image below and advise:

Thanks & Best wishes,

Yee Heng




Have you checked your compatibility view settings? By default, Microsoft will set any intranet site to use 'compatibility mode' in an effort to support legacy enterprise apps.

Depending on your permission levels, you should be able to adjust this.

In IE (edge) Go to tools -> Compatibility View settings and untick the box I've highlighted below. Close the browser and try navigating to the CAS URL again.

Hi Matt,

Yes, we already have the url in compatibility view, if not we have difficulty loading CAS too.

These 2 option also enabled as well. Our CAS and console are installed in same VM window 2008 r2. CAS no issue and able to run perfectly, rum console is having this issue. Please advise.

Thanks & Best wishes,

Yee Heng

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


We do not support Edge yet, but I understand you are using IE 11, not Edge, but it renders the page as Edge, correct?

What's OS and exact IE build where you observe it?