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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Exclude Specific URLs from an Application


I am trying to find out a way to exclude certain URLs from the Application level in NAM (DCRUM 2017 SP8).

- We have a software service configured that gathers all URLs

- The application team wishes to have the SS gather everything so they can report on it at the software service level, so filtering at this level is not an option

- We have an application built that includes multiple software services. The goal is to include all URLs from the SS except those that have a specific string

- Historically, we have used the label option for an include, but we can't figure out how to get it work for an exclude. I have tried various Regex options for the label. There are too many URLs that need to be included to list them all individually.

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Michael,

This is really interesting question. There is no option to define rule containing '!=' in BU configuration, so we need to look for effective workaround

My first idea is to take advantage of higher levels of business hierarchy, I mean Task, Module, Services. Are all of them defined for your URLs? Perhaps you could configure your system to assign, let's say value A to Service for all desired URLs and value B for all URLs you do not want to have in your application? Then BU configuration would be easy, Service = 'A'

Another option that could be considered, is creating new software service monitoring the same traffic on additional probe and then do necessary configuration on user defined URLs level for this new software service. Your application team will have all URLs in existing software services and you'll be able to configure filtering on probe level, then use new software service(-s) for your BU definition

I'll try to look for other solutions, in a meantime, let me know if any of ideas suggested above make sense for you.

Best Regards (and Happy New Year!)


There are populated tasks, modules, and services. However, it appears that I would still be in the same situation where I have to define each of them within the Application. Can you explain what you meant by having the system assign the values for the desired URLs?

Yes, sure.

NAM Console provides such functionality. All you need to do is to prepare csv format file with operation names and task/module/service values you want to 'assign' to those operations and then upload this file to console indicating software service (or analyzer) the file will be referring to.

More detailed description is available here:

I can imagine scenario with Value 'A' as a, say, Module for all operations you want to have included in your application and Value 'B' for all operations you want to have excluded. Then, rule "Module = A" and 2nd rule "Module = All other" in your application definition should do the job, you don't have to add all your operations one by one.

Of course, let me know in case of any problems with configuration, I'll be happy to help

Best Regards,


I had found this article before. However, we have never utilized this configuration and the article doesn't give a sample of what the csv should look like. Is that something you can provide?

Sure, no problem.

Find attached webapp_tech_hierarchy.csv file. webapp_tech_hierarchy.csv

I have created it for my software service named 'Webapp' and uploaded it to NAM Console. After initial configuration (indicating which column of my csv file should be mapped to which DMI dimension) it looks like this:

And the final result on DMI report (Operation explorer in this case) looks like shown below:

For all three operations from my file (and only for them!) Task, Module and Service values have been updated, according to the file content.

I hope this explains the topic, however, in case of any doubts, I'm here and I'll be happy to answer your questions.