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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Expanding time range for "the alert generation time as a report time range"


We are using the Add Report URL option with our ESM alerts
out of the CAS that provides a link to a DMI report that shows the failed
transaction when the alert occurred for the application owner’s support team.
We also select the “use the alert generation time as a report time range”
option in these alerts. When we view the reports for these alerts, the time
range is only 5 minutes and does not show the complete issue or picture for our
scenario. Is there a way to add 20 minutes prior and 20 minutes beyond the 5-minute
report time range? For example can we hard code the 20 minutes prior and 20
minutes beyond if we made a change to the time range in the URL report link in
the alert? &startTime={sTS}&endTime={eTSzdata}} would be &startTime={sTS}-20&endTime={eTSzdata}+20}


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Set you're target report to be something like 'last hour', and save it.

In you're rule definition, only set the endTime parameter.

If you set both parameters the CAS will override any time range definition saved in the report, if you only set the endTime, the CAS will use the saved time range.

You can't quite do what you've asked (-20 +20) in one table like this, but you can get fancy with custom time ranges in the report definition and have two tables one being -20 the other being +20.


@ChrisV This worked great. Exactly what we needed. We've set it to previous 4 hours and this tells a great story about the issue when it alerts. Thanks!


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