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Export DCRUM dashboard into xls



Anyone know how to export OOTB DCRUM dashboard into excel format?





Hello Munawar,

There is no way to export into the .xls format straightforward but the alternate way is to export the section data into the .txt file and then add the data > from text into excel.

Secondly, you can export the section or report into the XML format and can import into the data > from other sources into excel.



Hello Babar,

Thanks for the info, it is possible to use your steps, the thing is this feature heavily used by normal customer and they are more concern in data instead.

They are still questioning DynaTrace as the vendor to provide the feature so they can easily use to export to excel format as similar as exporting to PDF.



Hello Munawar,

We can expect in the coming version.



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Munawar,

If you're using 12.4, basically you'll have to use the "Export data" for every section in the dashboard (in which you'll get the csv format of the data) or send the whole report through scheduled email as "Plain text" which is essentially csv format of the data.

You'll notice that the main idea is to get the csv and import it into excel, and then use comma delimited for further data processing.

P.S. You mentioned "as similar as exporting to PDF". I think you mean the steps for exporting the data instead of exporting the entire dashboard as how it looks like on the browser, right?

-- Chris

Hi @Christopher C.,

Kindly take a look Report Settings on DynaTrace AppMon, there are 2 options: CSV & XLS. The advantage of these settings is they can schedule and send via email. DCRUM don't have and lack of this kind of feature, is it possible to enable this feature and probably can schedule and send via email in the future version.

I've raised RFE for this feature in here :



@Munawar S. Yes, I'm fully aware of App Mon's ability to export multiple formats including PDF, HTML, XML, XLS and CSV. At the moment DCRUM indeed only provides PDF and CSV format which I think there is room for improvement, and you're in the right direction to raise a RFE to this regard. Furthermore DCRUM can already set up scheduled email so I'm optimistic about adding this feature...


@Christopher C., Agree, there is a room for improvement, we only can request and in the end, it's up to the software owner what will be provided to us.