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Export DMI Report through DB query



is it possible, and in case how, to export a DMI report through a DB Query?
The customer needs to export daily a report (Time-User-Operation) with a 5 minutes timing.

Thank you,


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hello Raffaele,

If I understand your requirements, this could be achieved through a scheduled report delivery (if you're CAS is connected to an SMTP server), build and save a custom DMI report which contains the data required then schedule it for delivery via email

Hi Carl,

thanks for your answer.

What I was really looking for is if it's possible to export the DMI Report with a direct SQL Query, without using the scheduled report delivery..

Thanks, Raffaele


Hey Raffele,

I believe the closest to what you want to achieve, is via a REST call to the CAS server.




Hi Raffaele,

I think the response to this will be no because the development team need to maintain the flexibility to change the schema between versions. There is a REST interface you can use to access the data and I've also done this with direct http calls that export data in CSV format but that's not a supported method.

REST documentation is here




Hello Carl,

This is not the most practical way if you want to inject some information directly to another application.

For instance, our customer would like to unify his monitoring tools dashboards into one unique dashboard that will show consolidated information coming from network, application performance, synthetic monitoring, java monitoring, hardware monitoring...

In this case, using a DB query is a lot easier than sending e-mails 😉



Hey Sandrine,

To Sebastian's point, the CAS has an in-house caching engine to load particular data more quickly. Have you tried using the REST interface to pull data from DC RUM so you can export it to your single pane of glass solution? If not, I'd give it a shot and also check this out 🙂


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

As covered already, direct access to the DB is not supported.

There's broadly 3 supported options

  1. REST API interface
  2. Scheduled email report
  3. Scheduled task export

1 and 2 have been covered already, 3 is probably what I see most commonly used when the export is destined for another system, rather than end user consumption.

I detailed option 3 here:


I would like to let you know that DC RUM 12.4 offers another way to access reports.

You only need to define a report (or a set of reports) that will be executed every at processing interval (default: 5 min) and their data will be stored on disk in CSV/zdata-like format. There is a simple REST API which enables to access those files from external systems, such as BSM or Splunk.

For the demo purposes we created as Splunk app which consumes data generated by DCRUM using this new API. You can play around with this app at (guest/guest). You can also download the app from

I would not recommend direct access though DB queries. The schema is pretty complex, plus you don't leverage DC RUM in-memory caching mechanism which in most cases speeds up report data acquisition time tremendously.



@Sebastian Kruk, thanks for sharing! Much appreciated!