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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Exporting PDF-Reports and make them public in Company-Wiki


i scheduled a task to export a report to a local file on the server. The idea is to make this report public to everybody who is interested ( potential of 300 persons ) buth without any login. How can i configure this report as public on the server ( windows 2008 ) Should be somthing like http://servername/public/Dailyreport.pdf


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

You can create user that will be able to see only this report in CAS and then allow it to be accesed anonymously.

Other threads about it ...

This helped me out. Thanks a lot !

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Probably a nicer solution - noting you have ~300 users. Get the CAS to export the report once a day (Adam's solution would have it be generated each time a user requests it, slower and adds load to the CAS), and make the resulting PDF file accessible from the /wwwroot/custom/ folder.

1. Create a scheduled task to export the report

2. Create a new tasks-999-exportreports.xml file, use the instructions in tasks-examples.xml-examples for guidance.

3. You'll want something like this.

    <task ID="SaveReportCommand" name="SaveReportCommand" periodType="DAY" period="1" timeLine="SERVER" offsetTime="00:30" timeout="01:00" >
<command ID="0">
<param name="report">My Daily Report</param>
<param name="out">{delta.root}{file.separator}wwwroot{file.separator}custom{file.separator}mydailyreport.pdf</param>
<param name="format">pdf</param>
<param name="timeZone">US/Central</param>
<param name="user">Batman</param>
<param name="customParameters">FILTER_appl=SAP*&timeRange=7d&timeResolution=DAY</param>

4. This will export the "My Daily Report" report once a day (at 00:30 per above), saving the PDF the <casinstallfolder>/wwwroot/custom/mydailyreport.pdf

5. This will be accessible from browsers with http://casaddress/custom/mydailyreport.pdf. By default this will require authentication to happen.

7. To remove the authentication requirement, follow the instructions above, create a user with read only access, so they can't do anything other than grab the PDF.

7a. Alternatviely you could use teh task to save the PDF to another location/server that is part of your wiki (if for example it can take an upload or host elsewhere), then there'll be no authentication issues.