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Exporting Site Information


My users frequently ask me what is the definition of the location sites loaded in DCRUM, so I though of parsing the location-*.config files and producing an HTML page for them to check out the site location information.

Then I though of looking in the database to see where this information is and I found it.

In the attached package, Get-Locations.ps1 is a Powershel script that gets from the database an XML document with the site location information.

Locations.xslt is an XML Stylesheet that transforms the XML in HTML. There's also a few more auxiliary stylesheets.

Export-Locations.ps1 is a Powershel script that gets the locations and produces the HTML output. 

To automate it, I've created a task to run the script every hour:

 <task ID="export_locations" name="Export Location Information - HTML" periodType="HOUR" period="1" timeLine="SERVER" offsetTime="00:01" timeout="00:15" recoverable="true">
  <command ID="0" name="Export Location Information">">
   <param>C:\Scripts\Export Configurations\Export-Locations.ps1</param>

Feel free to use and comment on it



I'm also trying to do the same for Business Units and Software Services, in case anyone want's to help.


By the way, to publish, I just dropped the html file under <server>/wwwroot/config and they are accessed via http://<server>/config/...