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Fail Over

If DCRUM is configured like below:

Primary Datacenter 1:?

CAS Primary

CAS Node

ADS Primary

Datacenter 2:

CAS Primary Failover

CAS Node Failover

ADS Primary Failover

If the Primary Datacenter 1 went down I would expect from a processing perspective for Datacenter 2 to handle all processing as it was before however is there any steps that we would need to take to restore full administration based out of Datacenter 2 if the outage was expected to be of a long duration? Specifically I am asking if we would need to swap primary and failover (will the original primary take back this role when it returns or know that the failover is now the primary?) or should we break the farm and run off of the failovers alone (making them primary)?

We are regularly performing business continuity disaster recovery tests and are required to fail over from one datacenter to another for sometimes long durations. I just want to fully understand steps that should or shouldnt be taken for the various situations (mainly if the primary datacenter went down)



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