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Fast Transaction Vs Slow Transaction in DCRUM DMI Report



Can some one help me how come Fast Transaction and Slow Transactions calculated in DCRUM DMI Report. Where we define the baseline for Fast and slow..?

Let me know if you have any idea on this ?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Murali,

Fast and Slow operations are separated by the threshold configured either for the analyzer as a whole (in the AMD settings), for the software service as a whole (in the software service options), per URL (in the case of HTTP/S protocols; in URL monitoring settings), or per parameter combination (if these are used in URL Monitoring to distinguish between URLs).

By default, for HTTP, a page load (operation) is considered slow if it loads in more than 8 seconds.

What protocol do your transactions use?



I am trying to view Enterprise synthetic (Data View - Synthetic and sequence transaction data) test result data in DMI reports

I think for Enterprise Synthetic, the thresholds are defined on the ES side, not the DC RUM side. DC RUM is just picking them up from the transaction definition.
Try charting the Max slow transaction threshold metric. By definition this is the maximum of a slow transaction threshold. If the transaction time is longer than the threshold, the transaction is considered to be slow. Does this correlate with the ES configuration?


The CAS will report a transaction as:

1. "Fast" if a transaction response time is below the performance threshold (50 seconds, in this example)
2. "Slow" if a transaction response time is >= the performance threshold and < the availability threshold (55 seconds, for example)
3. Unavailable (giveup) if a transaction response time >= the availability threshold.

You can configure performance and availability thresholds in Global configuration in the Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring console.