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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Files "Transdata" folder DBVAS. ClientVantage



The following files are on the server clientVantage

mean these files?
can be deleted?

the path where the files are:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Compuware \ ClientVantage \ Data \ DBVAS



I Clientvantage integrated with CAS

I have Version 12.0.1

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Carlos,

these files are used to transfer the results from ClientVantage / Synthetic Monitoring to the CAS. You can open the files in a text editor and you'll see they contain your SyM measurement results in a format readable for the CAS.

I would recommend against deleting them manually, because by default, they are deleted automatically after 7 days.

If disk space is an issue, you can change the setting in the SyM Console in the Agent Manager configuration dialog in the "Files" tab in the "CAS Collection data" group. You can set the number of days this data should be kept here (default is 7) to a lower value.

Please also take a look at the Console Help before changing any of these values.

thanks for the reply
data effectively to save the information for nearly 365 days,
The question is, how these data are only to be sent to the CAS and that information is stored in the database?
if I delete that information should not be deleted from the CAS database right?

this is my current setup




365 days is a very high value for this setting, I would recommend lowering that value.

Once the data is in the CAS database, these files can be deleted. The data will remain in the CAS database even if these files are deleted.

The default setting is 7 days, which means that the CAS has 7 days to pick up the data and write it into the CAS database. If the connection between the Agent Manager and the CAS breaks down, you have 7 days to restore the connection without having a gap in your measurements. I doubt that you will go for 365 days without the CAS being able to connect to the Agent Manager, so your current value is very high.

Again, once the data is in the CAS database, it is not needed here anymore.


DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor


I've noticed that my Child Agent Manager DBVAS directory is empty, only the parent AM is buffering data there. Does the Child AM buffer data somewhere, in case the connection between Parent / Child is broken for a while?

To answer my own question, I believe the data is buffered to the SQF folder. I don't suppose this is documented anywhere? The only article I could find related to this is about importing external data:



If Synthetic Monitoring database installation
is omitted on the child Agent Manager, the transdata files will not be created
on the child Agent Manager. Instead
all files will move to the parent Agent Manager and CAS will get the transdata
from the parent Agent Manager.

Correct, but the raw data files (CPM_TR*.xmf) from each Agent will still appear on the Child Agent Manager before they're forwarded to the parent, and those xmf files go under the folders [...]\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\SQF and [...]\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\dbproc\SQF. This is important to understand e.g. when troubleshooting why monitoring data doesn't appear at CAS.


All files from agents will moved to the child Agent Manager's 'Synthetic Monitoring\Data\SQF' folder, then the files will move to the 'Synthetic Monitoring\Data\dbproc\SQF\Parent SQF' folder.

Only you can see some files in the 'Synthetic Monitoring\Data\dbproc\SQF' folder when the Synthetic Monitoring DB is installed on the child Agent Manager.

If you did not install the DB on the child Agent Manager, there is a possibility that the registry has incorrect values. In this case, our support team needs to look at your machine, or you can send the support data from the child Agent Manager to the support team.

Thank you! Very useful information 🙂 So to summarize, does this look correct?

For the Agent Manager, monitor the amount of files in these directories:

C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\DBVAS

C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\SQF

C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\dbproc\SQF

And for the Child Agent Manager:

C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\SQF

C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\dbproc\sqf\Parent SQF


Hi Kalle,

All files which has .xmf or .xml as file extension will move
to the folders.

But there are more folders. The Agent Manager will keep
screenshots at C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\ScreenShots

If your version is earlier than 12.4 and you are still using
a VantageView as reporting system, all alert files will move to c:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic
Monitoring\Data\Dumps\Alert-Queue folder.

Great, thanks for the info!