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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Filter by selected data - multiple values?



I'm trying to show a graph showing operations by grouping attribute over time.

In one time period, there are multiple grouping attributes when I click on a bar.

When I 'filter by selected data', only the first value gets passed down.

Is it possible to pass both values to the rest of the report, or as context to another report?





Does anyone know if it is possible - or if an RFE should be raised?

If I understood correctly, you have a stacked column chart over time, with one dimension set as "column". Each column may have one or many values of selected dimension with size of each part corresponding to the selected metric value (in this case Operations).

The way "filter action" works in DMI is that you need to click on the concrete value of this dimension to pass it. This is how filter action works everywhere in DMI, with only exception for filtering bar where a filter can be build as alternative of multiple values.

Your use case would make a lot of sense if different columns could be made of different sets of dimension values, e.g., at each time interval some operations/services/locations/applications can be active and some are not.

I think we could make such a change in the next release. I even wonder if it would not make more sense in case of stacked columns/bars to always pass all values "stacked" together. I would suggest to raise RFE so that other users could tell if such a change also makes sense for them.