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Filter on Server from...


Hi, how can I filter based on the auto discovered traffic?

If I try to either search for, or fitler in the DMI report for 10.100.1.* or *10.100.1* I do not get any results.


Hi Tarjei

If you are using the find option you just need to make sure you select to server name as the search field.

If you are using the DMI dimension filter then you need to widcard the beginning and end so it would be *10.100.1.* again you need to make sure you apply it to the server name dimension.



On reports based on 'Software service, operation, and site data' data view, metric 'Auto-discovery flags' can be used. Although it is rendered as an Icon, it can be used as a filter.

The possible metric values are:

0 - only user defined traffic

1 - mixed

2 - only auto-discovered traffic