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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Finding and getting information on an auto-discovered server

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

With the removal of the verify traffic functionality from the RUM Console - I'm looking for the best way to find a server in 12.4 with auto-detected Software Services "on".

If I use the new search tool (great addition btw) I can search for and find the auto-detected server.

Meaning, search results are returned. However when I click on the "Technical" tab no information is returned.

If I search for a server that is in a software service the results come out as expected and I can see the details.

Does the Search only provide details for Software Services? How can I find an auto-detected server and which auto-created software service it is in and what port is being used, without going through all of the software services manually?


I'm afraid you have stumbled upon 2 known issues:

- the initial search results are incorrect for Hardware and OS - this is fixed in 12.4.2

- the search for servers by IP address - if you provide complete IP address - search does not provide results - this will be fixed in 12.4.5

At the moment I would suggest to search for just part of IP address - simply type in "192.168.192." and if there are any IP addresses matching 192.168.192.* pattern you should get them listed.

I'm sorry for those bugs.