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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Force reports time granularity?



I know that I can hard coded times etc to DMI reports - but I'm wondering if it is possible to enforce the time granularity for a report, e.g.

Last hour - 1 period
Today (or any 1 day) - 1 hour
1 week - 1 day

If not, it could be a useful enhancement?



yes it is possible if only the data view provides given resolution for given time range.

In 12.4.x and earlier releases you could do that in the time selector placed below the report tabs:

Since 2017 release the time navigator is available from navigation bar at the top:

Additionally, in 2017 you can:

  • redefine time ranges and have a version of Today to always go with 1 monitoring interval resolution
  • choose resolution per section while keeping the time range from the report
  • enable DMI to choose resolution automatically per section based on the current time range, regardless of the resolution of the whole report

what is data granurality for data in report from 2 week ago dc rum?

Data granularity is determined by the storage period configuration. By default, 5 minute data is stored for 10 days after which it will rolled up into 1 day aggregate data and is stored for 31 days, and 1 month aggregate data is stored for 12 months. Storage settings can be changed by going to <CAS>/diagconole and selecting Storage Period.