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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Free trial


About free trail for synthetic and dc rum



Can we download and test for our envirment


Hi Lalit, find the trial for managed here. Register for the Dynatrace NAM (formerly DC RUM) trial here. You can test our synthetics either through managed (also deploy a public security gateway) or to get off the ground faster you might consider to trial Dynatrace SaaS.

Please let us know if you have further questions.


i need dynatrace appmon trail license

Hello @Ashokkumar M.

Access the below link for Installer + License.



Hi @ Babar . Thanks for replying , i am not identifying the license file in that link pls send me Only license link

Hello @Ashokkumar M.

Follow the instructions from the below link.



In this link i have downloaded dynatrace 7.2 version but it will not giving license file

I want free trail license also


PFA And Clear my issue

Hello @Ashokkumar M.

I have installed Dynatrace, AppMon how do I get my trial license installed and activated?

When you sign up for a Dynatrace AppMon trial we are generating a personal license for you. To install this license you need to launch the Dynatrace client, connect to the Dynatrace AppMon server and it will immediately ask you for a license. You can either access your license by entering your User ID (which is the email you used to sign-up) and password. If your Client is not connected to the Internet you can also install the license file that we have sent you via email. If you haven't received that file just LET ME KNOW and I will re-send it.

Send an email on email address to get the key.

Once your license is activated you are good to go!,AppMonhowdoIgetmytriallicenseinstalledandactivated?



Hi ,
I want free trial version of dynatrace manged which i can install in my environment. I can not use dynatrace cloud version because environment restricting access to connect dynatrace cloud.

Please share link to download dynatrace managed trial version setup.

HI Sawant,

DT is only available for trial in SAAS version and not for managed version. However you may talk to your Dynatrace product manager for the same. Refer similar question below:


I need Exact license file link i am not identified in that pls share me the link