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Future of DCRUM (NAM), Part 2

I am interested in the exact roadmap and future of NAM, or DCRUM as we know it. Will 2019 be the last?

Story goes that 'Classic' NAM will cease to exist within two years, when it (NAM) will be incorporated into OneAgent. How much of it will that be? What does that mean for NAM Probe based monitoring? Will that disappear as well?
Customers are hesitating to invest in infrastructure improvements for Probes based on the idea Probe (AMD) based monitoring will disappear, and taken over by OneAgent.

@Kris Z. I reckon you are able to outline our (RUM) future? 🙂

The title of this question is with reference to the other topic with this title, Future of DCRUM.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

NAM roadmap evolves - as always, we adjust roadmaps to the technology developments and market demands. For now:

Dynatrace difference - automation, AI, full-stack visibility, scalability - makes Dynatrace ready for the new enterprise cloud and application technologies that NAM can’t address (like PFS, discussed in the other thread you’ve mentioned).

Thank you Kris, for clearing this up some more.