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Get Full URL

I am wondering if by setting the parsing to "No Cut" and turning URL auto-learning to "All" would gather all full urls?

As an example I am hitting https://someurl/psp/ps/?cmd=start&cmd=login&errorCode=105&languageCd=ENG

And would like to see the full url as an operation however i believe it is still rolling into All other operations or truncating to

I can get the urls to come in via monitored urls and designating the parameters but was wondering if there is an easier way to just get them all.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Yes, this will be working as you described.

But you should be aware that number of operations will increase significantly and you're risking CAS capacity and performance.

Its strange then cause I have had this on for awhile now and still am only getting "All other operations". Mind you there is not a ton of load on the system but i would expect to see something else coming in.

Check "Content Types" in your Software Service.

As Ulf suggested - looks like most of your operations have content types different that default text/html.

If you want to find what other you may have execute the following command on the AMD:

grep -ihe "^H.*SS_NAME" `ls -t /var/spool/adlex/rtm/vdata*_t | head -n1` | awk '$1=="H" { print $20 }' | sort | uniq

where SS_NAME should be replaced with your SS name.

Been trying this over the last few days and even with the "no cut", All for auto learning and content-types verified as being text/html the urls coming into the cas are still truncated

I am seeing occasionally the content type indicated as "Content-Type: text/html; CHARSET=utf-8" however would I need to tell dcrum to accept that full content type string or would they be separately indicated or neither needed as the original text/html would cover it?


First of all it looks like "Content-Type: text/html; CHARSET=utf-8" you took from Wireshark/capture and it's very likely you looked at HTTP request. AMD cares only about content types from HTTP responses. Anyway the command we gave you should inspect all content types from HTTP responses.

There are also content types setting for parameters monitoring as responses from parametrized requests can come back with different content type than like w/o parameter ... But in such situation the URL would not be truncated but will sink in All Other operations container.

If you're sure that there are parameters sent and you have nocut option set we're out of ideas.

We would ask you to enable headerdata and vdata files generation for given Software Service and after ~half an hour get the with data files and open support ticket ...



The "No Cut" mode should indeed cause the AMD to report the full URL including parameters, however due to a recently discovered bug this does not work for HTTPS traffic (which is the case here). Please submit a Support ticket so that Support may provide you with the fix.