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Global HTTP Content-Types


When defining an HTTP Software Service, under the Content Types tab, where are the "global values" defined?

Are they individually defined for each AMD through the device configurations?

What is a good content-type primary list to use as a starting point?



Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer



Yes the global values are defined on each AMD.

The global text/html is generally a good starting point, I believe the AMD's also capture active content types by default. 


Thank you for your reply, it confirms what I suspected.

If, as you say, the AMD captures active content types by default, why is it necessary to define any types? Is the key word here "pages", where it chooses to recognize these types to analyze as  components of a page, rather than independent transactions?

I am trying to determine when it is appropriate to define the content-types and what the advantage would be.

I have read in the documentation that it is best to define the content-type parameter at the Software Service level so the AMD won't have to analyze that type for ALL traffic but, if it is doing it anyway, is it necessary to ever define this, other than to use it as a filter?


As an example, we have a scenario where for only one of the software services being monitored by an AMD, there is a requirement to report on PDF files that are downloaded. This is not a requirement for any other software service.

In this instance, the application/pdf content-type has been added to just the specific software service.