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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Guide to create ESM 12.5 parameterised powershell scripted tasks



We are moving to ESM 12.5.

We wanted to create parameterised Powershell scripted tasks which can run concurrently, ie, the powershell script will be fed with parameters, and when schedule as different tasks, can run concurrently. E.g, The powershell script will accept a hostname as parameter, then will load a URL of that hostname. We can't find any documentation how to do that. Is there anywhere we can find a step by step instruction? Or can anyone help?




Thanks for your Post. You can
run concurrent Powershell scripts when you configure your tasks as Tool
PSscript. You can configure non-concurrent third-party (e.g., Powershell)
scripts to accept parameters. There are techniques in your scripting to
avoid needing parameters. If you want one script to handle multiple
servers, you can make more complex scripts by having the one script connect to
multiple servers or by reading user data on the Agent.

The best option for monitoring the availability of servers is to use Autochecks which have a very low footprint
and run with a higher level of concurrency as compared to PSscript. Also the creation of Autochecks is much simpler and faster.

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the reply. :-).