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Has anyone deployed DCRUM for Skype for Business online solution?


We are in the process of deploying office 365 and Skype for business(SFB). Our short term solution is to deploy SFB online and later migrate to Onpremise. I am looking for some solution of monitoring SFB online? Appreciate any pointers/suggesstion.



If you are using services in the cloud, the "best" option is to use synthetic as the providers will never give you te SSL keys. Without the keys, you will see fundamental TCP/UDP data only.

Once you get the O365 onsite, you will be able to have more success with monitoring.


Thank you. We are planning to use Synthetic monitoring for the interim period. Appreciate your response.

Have you done Synthetic Monitoring for Office 365?

If you have did you use Synthetics or Gomez.


To tag on to Ulf's message. As long as you are in path with the AMD, you could use the auto-discovery in DC RUM (12.3+) to identify who is talking to it and get your RTT and volume based metrics when going to Microsoft's cloud.

If I remember from talking to a Microsoft performance consultant, a lot of their expectations are determined by distance from their public POP (point of presence). In other words, if you can prove the RTT to their POP is within a certain value, you could identify whether it was an issue of the path to O365 or O365 itself. As Ulf said though, synthetic would give you that constant measure, but if you already have an AMD in path it never hurts to have the real-user data as well.