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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Headings / section-splitters



We are making a pretty long report for one of our customers. And they want to increase the readability of said report. The report gets sent as an PDF each morning to this customer.
Is there a way of including Section Headers between sections for example? (see attached image)

Or is there another way of structuring the report so that the readability gets better? Having several different files is not an option. (The customer is currently running Central Analysis Server version : I see that in Version 12.2 there is the possibility of doing these kind of things with the REST API, but I cant seem to find any documentation for support in version 12.1.X for this. 

Any suggestions?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Do I get you correctly that you need to make section titles just bigger? Like below?

If so, there is no such functionality out of the box, however manual (and not supported) edit of CSS files is possible. The disadvantage is that such solution is that it's not supported and may be overwritten during first upgrade and the change is global to all reports ...

But if it would be OK with you I can share how to do it.

Please do not forget to file such nice enhancement on DCRUM Requests for Enhancements forum.

Indeed, using Web Services might be good solution if the customer is able to develop an application (with its own headers) that will pull the data from DMI. Rest calls are present starting from 12.2 but in 12.1 you can take a look at SOAP based Web Services.


Yep, the problem is as you say that this would apply globally.

This is not a solution we would like to see like that. Are there any possibilites of altering the dmireportemplates? Or are they all generated with compiled code?

Even if we were able to get to base HTML and add another CSS class name it still would be global.

We need to introduce a configuration, so this is an enhancement.

Last idea: it's possible to build a task that periodically launches DMI reprots and saves the output (CSV, PDF or MHT ) on HD or FTP and can be consumed  then can be consumed by external application, etc. maybe this would help.