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High Speed AMD licensing

Community Team
Community Team

Two questions related to the High Speed AMD FAQ:

1) While upgrading Classic AMD to HS AMD, will the licensing cost be different? Or just a separate/updated license copy?

2) In the future, if we see a growth in throughput of more than 5 Gbps, can then the HS AMD license be upgraded to 20 Gbps? How much additional cost it will put on?

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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Technically that is all possible. Note the following.

- There's no direct upgrade from classic AMD to HS AMD, it requires a rebuild (to get your server to RHEL7), or at least a reinstall (if you already happen to be on RHEL7).

- You can change the license on an AMD from 5Gbps to 20Gbps, but there's a significant hardware difference between the two, you need to take that into account, you may not get the full 20Gbps capability in hardware designed for 5Gpbs.

- Lastly you can't mix Classic and HS AMD's on the one CAS - the data returned by each aren't compatible and the CAS will stop processing, you'd need either a new CAS for your HS AMDs, or need to convert all your AMDs.

As for costing, you need to talk to your Dynatrace representative.

Hello Chris,

I would like to get more clarity on this, also would give you more background -

We have a Classic AMD 12.3 running in environment X and now we are looking to setup a new 12.4 HS AMD in environment Y by decommissioning classic AMD setup from X, what are the licenses we need to get renewed ? I understand that -
1) Since it would be a new setup so CAS/ADS license would be renewed with new host names.

2) Particular to AMD, the Classic AMD is licensed for (http and oracle) decodes, so if we setup a new HS AMD and we want to move the classic AMD license to HS AMD. so what would be procedure for this change ?

We are considering a new Hardware cost Mid size AMD (up to 5 Gbps) that we'll buy. but what about licenses and decode shifting from existing to new HS AMD. Can you advise more on the steps. Do we need to pay extra licensing cost ?

Thanks in advance.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


It's easier than it seems, I think. Answering your questions:

1) Yes

2) Just change the hardware ID in the license.

There is no extra license cost to move from one hardware to another. There is no extra license cost to move from classic AMD to HS AMD architecture. Additional license costs show up only when you expand to the 20 Gbps AMD throughout.



Thanks for clarifying these things. Also how can I find what is the size of my existing Classic AMD (small, Mid, Large) at this time ? so that we can plan a like-to-like size classic to HS AMD move.

Also as you mentioned that additional license cost would be applied only if we are expanding to 20 Gbps throughput. so what is the putting additional cost here - license for increased throughput / Different AMD software installation ?

Classic AMD does not have sizes. Migration to HS AMD architecture would bring you like-to-like AMD throughput.

Additional costs are the license costs if you migrate to 20 Gbps AMD. Of course you will need sufficient hardware to analyze 20 Gbps.

Hey Kris,

Thanks, also what are the factors to decide the size of new HS AMD setup whether M or L?

Is there any mechanism or formula we must use to decide this ? New Setup is for bigger data center and verity of web & oracle apps. so we want to ensure a scalable AMD.

measuring the amount of traffic in/out to data center core switches will help us to decide the packet reception speed we need to have ? although we would be selecting the applications to monitor from traffic reaching to main/core switches of DC.

Your help is appreciated.

Speaking about M or L, I guess you really mean the regular AMD or the 20 Gbps AMD. Indeed the factor is amount of traffic that you expect the AMD to analyze. As mentioned earlier, upgrade to HS AMD will not increase the AMD throughput, so it would still be capable of analyzing similar throughout as the previous AMD release (see If your new DC application traffic is expected to stay below say 1 Gbps, you can just upgrade to the HS AMD architecture. If you expect higher traffic levels, it may be a good opportunity to plan for the license upgrade.

My personal advice would be to upgrade the license and the AMD hardware in order to realize its full potential.