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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Histogram in 12.3 CAS - only available for ADS data?



I am trying to use a histogram in my report and can not understand why this option would only be available on ADS data.

If I try to select CAS data view "Software service, operation, and site data", the histogram icon is greyed out and I can not find out why?

Did anyone else face the same issue?

Thank you, Martina


Hi Martina,

First of all Histograms really make sense only on ADS. On CAS, data is pre-aggregated by AMD so Histograms are not accurate.

Nevertheless the option should be available depending on CAS configuration settings. For some aggregation types it should be disabled (like PVU).

Hi Tomasz,

Yes, that is a good point, we have 1 CAS though without ADS, so have not this option here.

We are in ISP extended mode, so I guess this would be the reason reason? What is peculiar is that the histogram is available on the baseline version of the mentioned data view...

Yes. As far as I remember the option is disabled in PVU and Extended ISP modes.

Thank you 🙂

It's worth to mention that in 2017 April release the histograms will be available in all aggregation modes, but with a warning message on some, when we expect inaccuracy due to user aggregation.