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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can I create a cache view in Dynatrace NAM


I am trying to export a report from Dynatrace NAM to Elasticsearch. I have created my report from the DMI option> New report. Which is a very simple report to show availability.

I would like to export this report to elasticsearch and view it from that tool.

In addition to this I have made the configurations according to the following link.

- Data configuration for connection with elasticsearch

- Adding the dashboard name to the CAS file (partner-export.yaml)

But still in the server log it shows the following.

- Data configuration for connection with elasticsearch

- Adding the dashboard name to the CAS file (partner-export.yaml)

But still in the server log it shows the following.

My question is: How can I create a report of the type:



- CVENT.TierCache

- CVENT.TierBaselineCache

- CVENT.Trans

- L2.L2

That is supported by NAM to be sent to elasticsearch.

Thanks for the support.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Jorge,

It looks like you're trying to send data from an unsupported data view. We can only send over data from data views that are stored in cache, not from database.

From the "IMPORTANT limitations" section of the document you linked:

IMPORTANT limitations


  • Report time range should be set to Last monitoring interval.
  • Data should be taken from cache - you need to ensure your report uses only the following data views. Check and update exported XML report definition of your report.
    • CVENT.CVCache (to be changed from CVENT.ClientView)
    • CVENT.TierCache (to be changed from CVENT.Tier)
    • CVENT.TierBaselineCache
    • CVENT.Trans
    • L2.L2

Screenshot below shows supported data views as they could be selected in the DMI report creator. Data views underlined with green line can be used without any change. If you use data view that is underlined with orange line - you need to manually change the data view definition to the one shown next to the data view name. Other data views are NOT supported.

If you need to change the data view in the XML file - look for the following elements:

<dataSource application="CVENT" view="TierCache" dataSourceId="ALL_AGGR" maxRows="0"/>

and update attribute view (ClientView -> CVCache and Tier -> TierCache).

You will need to change the the "CVENT.ClientView" data view to the cached "CVENT.CVCache" data view that will be able to send data to elasticsearch.



I can only confirm all the words written above, editing xml file with report's definition is the best way to make sure that particular DMI report will be supported by API mentioned above.

One more comment: Views L2 and Trans are not, in fact, cache based, but still, their are supported by Partner export API, so still you can export reports created with those data views to ElasticSearch described way.

Best Regards,


Hi Jonathan

What is the file and the path of the xml file that you should configure to change the data view.

Thanks for the support.

Hey Jorge,

You should be able to export the DMI report definition from the NAM Server, edit the data view in that XML file, then reimport the XML file for the DMI report.

For a guide on exporting/importing DMI report definitions you can use this link: