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How can I create drill down link from a CAS report to screenshot of failed synthetic enterprise transaction?


Hi there,

I have a custom created report in CAS with a few Synthetic Enterprise scripts and transactions.

When I click on this failed transaction, I would like to have an option to drill down directly to the screenshot like this:

What would be the link to use to set up such a dynamic drill down right to the screenshot?

Or is it only possible to drill down to a report of failed transactions and from there open the screenshot?




I'm afraid the screenshots can only be rendered inside a table with a predefined link downloading the complete screenshot. Just like in the "Enterprise Synthetic - Transaction List" report. What could be done is to conditionally show screenshot(s) for a transaction+time selected in the heat chart in your example:

I will explain in details how this could be done during our next Online DMI Clinic on May 23.