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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can I hide the Section Filters Icon on my dashboard?


Hi All:

I have design a dashboard, there has a section filters icon on every session,so can i hide this icon or shortcut key to hide it? Thank you for your help!

Best Regards!



Hi Calvin,

could you please upload a screenshot?

Thanks, Raff


Calvin, are you referring to the number two of the following pic?


Hello Calvin,

Like Raff mentions a screenshot would be helpful in order to know exactly what part you're talking about. I'm going to take a guess here and assume you want to show or hide the filter icon which shows what data the report is being filtered on.

This can be configured by editing the section of the report and specify a value for "Filter Display", indicating how you would like to visualize the filters that are applied to the report. You probably have it set to Filter icon. You can also select the "Hidden" option here in order to completely hide the icon and any filters.

Filter Display options

Filter icon only shows something like this:

Filter Display - Normal

Report header would show the filters under the title of the report:

Filter Display - Header

And finally Section header:

Filter Display - Section header

Take a look at this documentation from the community for more info. Hope this helps!



Hi Miguel:

Awesome, it works! Thanks a lot!

Best Regards!



HI Raffaele:

Thank you for your reply,I am referring to the number of one section filters of the following pic.

Best Regards!


OK @Calvin Jiang,

so you can apply what is correctly reported by Miguel in his answer below.

Ciao, Raff


Based on Raffaele's screenshot:

(1) Section-level filters can be set as either "Filter icon only" or "Section header" (new in 12.4). Still, the "funnel" icon will remain if there is at least one filter present. As Miguel suggested you can use "Hidden" to hide them completely or "Report header" to move the to the Report header.

Please be aware that if you have two or more sections with the same value of the filter for given dimension - they will show only once, but if you two or more sections have different values of the given dimension - you will see the same filter multiple times, plus currently there is no distinction which report header filter belongs to which section.

2) "Gear" icon is hidden by default - users can either show it using option in the "Actions" menu, or in the user properties in "Administration console" setting "DMI_REPORT_SHOW_SECTION_OPTIONS_ICON" for all users (System Properties) or for selected users (User properties for ...)

Regarding hiding filter icons - may I ask what is your use case? Would that be a NOC-type of screen by any chance? We are designing a NOC/Full screen mode for DC RUM, and I'm actually curious to learn your and other users opinion on hiding all the things like filters, links and tabs when in that mode. It would help us to design a clean view where only focus is on presented information, not on possible interactions, which could be invoked by quickly switching back to the normal mode. More in that subject at