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How do I purge all the data in my CAS & ADS


I set up a QA environment to test 12.3.4 and I want to purge the data that was collected during setup. How do I purge all the data in my CAS & ADS while keeping the current configuration.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Go to http://your_report_server/atscon and then "Purge database" ...

Is there a way to purge the database on cas of everything before a specific date/time?

No, sorry.

Hi Adam, as of right now (it has been more than half a year since you reply), is this answer still up to date? I might really want to purge partially instead of all.

No, and there are no plans to change it.

I suggest you to express a business need of such feature on our Product Idea forum.

okay, thanks buddy