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How do you access PurePath from DC Rum?


I am new to DC Rum and would like to know how to navigate to data that allows me to access and view PurePaths in my APM client. I have already integrated DC Rum with App Mon, so no issues there. I'm just confused as to how to get to the point I can select the Application Performance Monitoring option in the pop up modal!


Hello Bill,

Below is a link for details -

Also, you can access PurePath from DC RUM by clicking on the tool tip, for e.g -


Hello Bill,

As @Shivashish P. pointed the exact point. I am inserting integration screenshot in case something has been missed.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

You should be able to drill down to AppMon purepath from Slow operations columns in the CAS reports.

You can start at CAS - Reports

One more comment: though you can access AppMon from various reports in DC RUM, those that show aggregated data per application or software service level will only get you to a AppMon dashboard where multiple purepaths are rendered at once.

If you want to isolate a single PurePath you need to do that at the level of a single operation, i.e., from one of ADS views. If you follow through Slow Operation Cause Breakdown report to Slow Operation Loads you will start operating at a detailed level, at which each operation will be related to a single PurePath.