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How do you set up an alarm for application/servers that stop being monitored


Recently we had a scenario where an application team changed some servers and the applications that we were supposed to be monitoring were no longer being monitored. Thus the application was no longer being monitored

Is there a way to create an alert that will tell us if we're no longer capturing data for certain software services.

We set up a baseline alert stating if operation count <= 0.15 times baseline value (as a baseline condition).

The problem we're having is that there are a few software services whose baseline is sometimes 0 and we're getting alerted for those.

2nd part of this question is can we set up the baseline as the auxiliary metric or can we have two conditions against the baseline.



Hello Vaneesa,

I guess we can use the predefined alert 'Low traffic on active AMD interface' to detect any diagnostics.

There is a check mark available on the propagation settings tab for the Delayed processing. This option affects mainly alert definitions that require normal (baseline or average) values of metrics to be calculated. This means that the alert will become active a predefined time after system startup (default: two days). It can be enabled in situations when the baselines are not yet calculated (for example, during the first 48 hours after you install DC RUM).



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Vanessa,

Actually the DC RUM 17 release contains a feature perfectly matching your use case with application which is no longer monitored. It is Service Activity Changes, in fact in your scenario you will get Inactivity alert. I do not want describe all details of SAC here, I'd rather recommend you this webinar instead, where Mike Hicks is discussing use cases for SAC.

Regarding more than one baseline based conditions in alerts, the answer is yes, such change is part of 18 release, where we're going to introduce more extensions to alerts mechanism.

Best Regards