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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How does DC-RUM (ADS) identify the multi-components to a page?



I meet a problem about DC-RUM (ADS). There are many component-url in a page, but the page use in Ajax.

When I finished a transaction in this page, the RUM should identify this transaction to a page.

But when my mouse move over the left menu, the client will send request to server, the RUM will include these action to the page before, the RUM will calculate these action to network time and the slow operation root-cause is "Client delay".

I have 2 questions about this issue.

 1. How does RUM(ADS) identify the multi-component url to a page?

2.  How can I exclude the component url? For example, xxx.png, 'cause when I move over the left menu, xxx.png will download, we will meet client delay issue.

The RUM version is 12.0.3




If the component is not on the list of active content-types AND its referrer points to the url that is on that list and was loaded shortly before - it will be treated as sub-component of that page. If you want to exclude any component and always treat it as standalone operation - map it as individual url in the configuration.