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How i can download all packets and all dependencies that are needed by AMD?


I have CentOS installed without kick-start file.

I have no physical access to the server (CD-ROM)

How i can download all packets and all dependencies that are needed by AMD?

I have a huge list of packages need to install and all of this packages have a huge list dependencies.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Quickest way is to do it online - requires live Internet connection on AMD and having AMD registered in RedHat but you can do it offline too. See this DOC chapter for details.

I SAW this DOC. But, there is no instruction. There is only pointer... But it is NOT instruction.

I downloaded by yum all packages, yumdownloader --resolve * (all packeges). I have install it, If i use rpm -Uvh, i got a error - packet already installed. But in installer script with --test-system i got same error and LIST of failed dependencies.

Look like install script working wrong or something not working at all.

Why i can`t get ALL packages and ALL dependencies in DOC on archive or on the same CD.ISO?

Hi Alexander,

Instructions are there, just the navigation could be better.

In your case, I think the best way would be to use the RHEL installation DVD and install the missing RHEL packages from it

./upgrade-xxx.bin --install-deps-from-media

If there are some other packages not present on RHEL installation media, these would have to be obtained manually from RedHat Network and installed with rpm -i.

Was there a reason for why you did not use our kickstart file that does most of it automatically for you?


I will ask system admins to install system with kickstart. OS was installed without kickstart for the security reasons and customer rules of deploy.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If you are using CentOS and have an internet connection you can use:

./upgrade-xxx.bin --install-deps-from-net