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How is Operation time calculated when monitoring SSL traffic with out decryption key?

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

See prod manual page -

I read this doc page and am not clear; specifically

'Data Center Real User Monitoring provides a subset of SSL-specific metrics for SSL traffic with no decryption required. This includes SSL Connection Setup Time, SSL Handshake Errors, and performance gauge metrics that estimate <strong>Operation Time</strong> and Server Think Time.


Assume that a software service of analyzer type HTTPS is defined on a ip:port combination and this ip:port is serving SSL traffic only.

Also assume that traffic for this ip address is mirrored to AMD and the priv decryption key is not yet provided to AMD.

My queries:

1. Does this mean that AMD will report on Operation Time of a https URL? Is this the right interpretation?

2. How can AMD report Operation time of an URL if decryption of the http layload is not done?

3. What is 'estimate' in 'estimate <strong>Operation Time</strong>'?



Hello again Praveenkumar,

The AMD will report what it thinks is the Operation Time. We know we can determine connection setup time and we can tell when the connection is closed. We don't know how many or what type of operations are being called in between. So, Operation Time could represent a quick 25ms single object load or it could represent a page load with many async calls. Because of this, it's an estimated value.

So, to distinctly answer your questions:

  1. Yes, but it will be an estimate
  2. It's the time between the start of the handshake and the closing of the connection
  3. We're guessing based on #2 and we don't know how much time waiting for the server is the server actually processing

Someone else can probably add more context to this.

Hope it helps!