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How is managed tcp timeout ?


"connection establishment timout" errors happen sometimes, and we'd like to know what are the timeout rules followed by dcrum. On linux servers, one say that there are 5 SYN tries, the 2nd after 3s, then 6s, 12s and 24s. On windows servers, rules are different and not configurable. Are there special rules in dcrum world to say whether or not connection is established, or does it only wait for http502 error or something like that ?

Thank you.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Connection timeout is a TCP metric (so no the AMD don't wait for a 500 error).

The AMD uses the TCP 3-way handshake to figure this out - so it doesn't matter the OS of the client/server.

If the AMD sees only a partial handshake.... e.g.

SYN ....

SYN ....

SYN ....

The AMD counts that as a connection timeout.

SYN ....

.... FIN (or a RST)

The AMD counts that as a connection refused.

And of course a:

SYN ....

.... SYN ACK

ACK ....

Is a successful connection.