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How shall I


Decommission the AMD:

What are the checklists I need to do before decommissiong any AMD. We would that few AMD servers are not utilized more, so we are planning to reduce the number of AMDs. So I would like to measure my traffic and AMD capacity, impact of decommissing it, etc., Could anyone please help me here.

There is no formal way of decommisioning a AMD. What I would suggest is to check in the Diagnostics under AND Statistics - if there is no traffic hitting the AMD you can simply delete it from the RUM console and turn it off.

No, those AMDs are taking traffic right now. but the server utilization is very less. This is the reason we wanted to utiliza the server for some other purpose.

What utilization?  CPU? Memory? Disk?  NIC? 


-- Erik

The CPU utilization is 0%.


Okay, what about memory usage? NIC packets per second? etc.... CPU is not the end all be all of how much of a computer's resources are being used.  And for that matter, 0% over what timeframe/aggregate? An average of 0% CPU across a day does not mean there are not spikes where the CPU hits100% and fewer CPU resources in those spikes would mean lost data.


-- Erik


I would look to do at least these three things:

1) Identify what is being sent to the AMD. Run a very long open capture via 'verify traffic quality settings' or turn on automatic captures so you can observe samples of the traffic that are still flowing so you can more accurately determine what visibility you'll be losing or re-assigning. 

2) Identify if you require the SPAN anymore and its configuration. Speak to the person in the network team who did the SPAN for you in the first place to check its current config. If you are going to decomm the AMD and don't require that SPAN anymore, they will want to know.

3) Grab all the stats you can like Erik and Ulf recommended, as you'll want to know exactly what is happening on the box. You may uncover a skeleton or two.

Hope that helps!