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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to Pass Filter value to all sections if they are based on difference data view ?

Hi Forum,

I have a pb with passing filter value to all my sections in my new DMI ... because 2 of them are based on "OPERATION DATA" (2) data view, although all others are based on the standard "SOFTWARE SERVICE, OPERATION AND SITE DATA" (1) data view.

How can i transmit "MODULE" value into "DATABASE NAME" dimension.

How filter Value is taken into account ?

.... It is automatic into all sections based on DataView (1) , because MODULE is called MODULE in all of them.

... BUT, how to manage for those based on DataView (2) ... in which MODULE is called DATABASE NAME ?

... How can i "SAY" DATABASE NAME = MODULE value from section x to section y ... without drilldown link ... since all sections are in the same DMI report.

Hope it is clear.

Thanks in advance.




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

If you want to create custom rule in apply filters you need to switch 'Show target dimensions' to "all'

Than you will see all dimensions and sections. You can specify how the value will be obtain.

You need to find all 'Data base' entries and change to 'Apply from other dimension' and chose Module dimension. See screenshot:

The link editor was done after 'applying filters' screen so entering such rule is more clear and easier:

In case of problems please send us the report definitions.

Hi Andrzej,

Thank you very much fort these good explanations, i already knew,

but i think that this is not applicable in my case ...

Why ?

... because my 2 first sections based on Dataview (1), where MODULE Dimension exists ... are Filtering Bar... they do not have capabilities you explain ... NO "Applying filters" TAB in this type of section.

So the pb now is : How transmit filters value coming from filtering bar between sections if filter DIM is not called the same ... because parent section = Filtering Bar ... have no Applying fliters TAB.

In my case it is between MODULE and DATABASE NAME, MODULE comes from Filtering Bar section type.

details :

My fisrt Filtering bar Section is based on these main DIMs :

SWS show as row with Filter = EXA* (to show only SWS with EXA in their names (EXA for EXADATA appliances with have for DB storage))

... and with MODULE show as Filter (then, at the beginning, MODULE contains all DatabaseName stored in all EXADATA applicances)

My second Filtering bar Section is based on these main DIMs :

MODULE show as row with Filter = nothing

... and with SWS show as filter = EXA* .. but receives SWS chosen in the 1st section, ASAP it is done.

but i can start by choosing MODULE first ... it depends on the way i want to manage.

My third section in base on dataview (2)

in which SWS show as filter .. receives SWS chosen in 1st Filtering bar

and DATABASE NAME i would like to feed with MODULE value chosen in the 2nd Filtering Bar.




In that case you can cheat DMI a bit:

Please change the type of section from filtering bar to table. Add rules and than switch again to filtering bar.

The rules should not be removed.

Hi Andrzej,


This does the job.

Thank you very much