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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to apply same dimension filter across sections in DMI reports?


Hi all,

I am creating a custom DMI report to show health status and operation details of a specific IP address. I have graphs and tables in different sections, although they use the same filter (client IP address), I have to change the filter value multiple times in different sections when I want to check a new IP. Is there any way I can apply the same filter across different sections in a report?



There are couple ways to do that:

1. If you want to filter the whole report with one, e.g, IP address, you can add "filtering bar" type section with IP addresses - clicking on your IP address will filter the rest of the report with that IP address. Alternatively you can use any other section and enable "Apply filter" feature.

2. (Old way) You can have one report with the IP addresses and drilldown to the report you want to filter through with that IP address.

3. Apply filter can be also replaced with drilldown link to the same report - but you need to remember to add rule to pass the filter, as links to the same report are by default the so called "self links" - which means they keep the current state of the report after the drilldown unless otherwise instructed.

4. (Very old way) You can also show the report as a form and provide IP address in the form dialog.

5. (Very new way) You can define your own natural language question for the Casey engine (since the 2017 release) that will extract the IP address from your question and carry it over to the report you define. An example of a build in question would be "Can user A access server B ?" which will show you User explorer report with A and B applied as user name and server name accordingly.

6. (The hacker way) In case you have many sections and you want to add the same filter to all of them so that it is always part of the report, but you consider doing that through the UI too tiresome, you can export the report definition to XML (from the [...] menu in the upper-right corner), edit it and import it again.

You can find a lot about how to do things like that in the documentation and in the webinars and other material recorded for the Dynatrace University:

Thank you for your answer!


Elaborating from solution no. 4 from above, at the top right corner:

Edit report > [...] menu > Display form

Filterable dimensions will be shown under report scope, just specify the items you want to filter, then click Display report and voila! The whole report is now filtered by the specific IP!

Thats number 4 on my list 🙂

Opps didn't notice that, thanks! 😄