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How to change Network Setup of an existing AMD HS probe ?

Hello Community,

Would you please let me know how to change Network config of an existing AMD HS probe.

I need to change its admin IP, GTW, mask and Hostname, because we need to move it to a new subnet.

I tried to do these modifications with rtminst but after choosing (1) for "Interface Identification and network setup", the (N) item, for network setup, is no longer in the list ???

Of course, i don't want to reinstall ALL the probe, just to change the 4 items of its Network Setup = admin IP, GTW, mask and Hostname

Thanks in advance for your assistance.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

In 2017 sp3 with RHEL 7.3/4 try using nmtui from the AMD command line. This is the Network Manager Text User Interface. You may have to start the Network Manager service first (systmctl start NetworkManager).

Hi John, thank you for your answer ... but THIS PROBE is under RHEL 7.2 !

so, impossible to use your solution.

Hi Philippe,

  1. NetworkManager is default networking daemon in Linux RHEL 7, so you should find it in your RHEL 7.2 installation already, if not you can just install it.
  2. HS AMD 17.0 only supports RHEL 7.3 & 7.4, so we suggest to upgrade your RHEL 7.2 to the newest version of RHEL 7.4, you can do it easily with help of yum update and it just requires AMD to have internet connectivity and AMD device registration at Red Hat Network

Hi Przemysiaw,

Fortunately, it works fine ... under RHEL 7.2

Thank you for your advice ... i am going to plan this upgrade.

I have asked to my SYS Linux Colleagues ... for the "registration at RHN" to be able to YUM UPDATE my probes.

In fact, it will be OK : they give me a file to put on AMD probes to have access to OUR INTRANET REPOSITORY.