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How to change default data location (Numeric = right aligned / Alpha = Left Aligned) in Table DMI Reports ?

Hi Forum,

I need / i would like to be able / to change the final location of data in table DMI reports.

Indeed, default location for numeric data is right aligned ... for alpha it is left aligned.

so, if possible, where and how to configure DMI parameters in order to get

Alpha data on the right and / or numeric data on the left. ?

Best regards



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Can you please post a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve?

Hi Philippe, looks like my previous answer did was lost somewhere in the hyperspace ...

In the upcoming DC RUM 2018 there is a new thing called Calculated columns which enable to manipulate with content of other columns to create a new one. I can imagine that if you would like to align numbers to the left you could use Calculated columns to simply copy one column as "Text" which would render it left-aligned. I don't seem to have a workaround for right-aligned texts.

I second Harshal here - can you tell us more about your use case?

Hi Harshal, Sebastian,

Sorry for this delay. I have forgotten to follow this !

In fact i would appreciate to have Alignment Capabilities OF EXCEL ... for its cells

The best would be both Horizontal AND Vertical.

If it it not possible, at least those Horizontal.

That is : ... see my attached screenshot

Default alignments are : Yellow for text = H. Left Align / Blue for Num = H. Right Align

I need to be able to Align Text as Blue = H. Right Align

and Align NUM as Yellow = H. Left Align

Hope it is clear.