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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to change the start time of the Daily Reports


I'm on version 12.2.1, where can I change the start time of the Daily Report Generation.  It is currently conflicting with my backup, so I want to delay the start time by an hour. 


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Bob,

You can change the timeout by changing the offsetTime parameter for the task ID = "Daily" in the tasks-100-hcbs.xml file, located in the CAS/config folder.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Exactly as Harshal says it's offsetTime in HH:MM format, but what is important is that it's in the relation to timeLine. If it's set to server (like in your case) the task will fire when the 00:10 data files set will be read, otherwise it can be set to server and then it's fired according to clock.

It means that this tasks maybe delayed even more if there is sample processing delay around midnight.

Also due to the nature of this task it's not recommended to change the timeLIne to server as in case of sample processing delay this may result in data loss.


Thanks guys, quick follow-up question regarding timeline.  I did change the offsetTime from 00:10 to 01:00.  My backup should be done before midnight, but just in case it ran long, this is why I wanted to delay the start time of the daily tasks.  I'm confused by the timeLine parameter being set to "SAMPLES".  Based on what Adam wrote I expected it to be set to "SERVER" like it is for the "TableDailyTask" task.  Despite the timeLine being set to SAMPLES, the job has been starting at the correct time of day.  Can you explain, should I change the timeLine parm to SERVER.

<task ID="Daily" name="Daily report generation" periodType="DAY" period="1" timeLine="SAMPLES" offsetTime="01:00" timeout="06:00" recoverable="true">

<task ID="TableDailyTask" name="Updates statistics on tables, removes old data on periodical tables" periodType="DAY" period="1" timeLine="SERVER" offsetTime="00:30" timeout="01:00" recoverable="true">


I'm sorry if I introduced any confusion but this very task must stay with timeLine="SAMPLES".

All I wanted to say was you don't want to change it to SERVER - don't do it.

Sorry again (smile)