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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to display Filters options when applied to Metrics instead of Dimensions

When Filter is applied in a dimension item, you can choose how it is displayed in the report :
you only have to choose the appropriate option in the combo box of the "Filter Display" column, on the right of the screen, in the Dimension TAB.

OK, but ...
I have not found HOW TO ...

1°) ... do the same = make filter definition appear in the report result, either as header of the report itself or as header of the section,
WHEN filter is applied to metric.

2°) Same question when filter definition comes from an active checkbox "Use Benchmark values as dimension filter" inside Benchmark TAB.


Thanks for bringing those use cases to our attention.

I'm afraid currently it's not possible.

But since we are working on several improvements in that area we might address also those two use cases. I'll keep this post updated with our progress and decision; I should have some update in coming weeks.

Hi Sebastian

Nice to meet you.

Thanks in advance for news about that point.