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How to display the day of the week (shortly Mo = Monday / Tu = Tuesday ...) in DMI Reports


Hello Community,

One on my client ask me to add the day of the week in front of the date in DMI.

Ex : when you put TIME in dimension you get several lines with the date formated like dd/MM/yy

He would like to see "Thu 19/11/15", for last thursday instead of just "19/11/15"

To do that i tried to configure the "TIME" 's "Custom attibutes" in "Result Display" of section configuration to dddd dd/MM/yy ... as in Excel !

But it won't operate as i would like : it displayed "0019 19/11/15" !!!

Please : Anyone knows the way to do that ... if it is possible.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The custom time format is specified using Java's SimpleDateFormat syntax, not Excel's. In your case, you can include the day of the week in front by putting the following format in the Custom Format field: "E dd/MM/yy". This will result in "Wed 25/11/15". If you want the full-length day name, use "EEEE dd/MM/yy" instead, which will result in "Wednesday 25/11/15".

Luke, nice to know you.

Many thanks, you are saving me !