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How to edit a custom metric


I'm confused on how to edit custom metrics for an existing Software Service. In the documentation it states that "On the Custom Metrics tab of the software service rule definition, choose a category for your parameter, by clicking the appropriate field in the Number column" I can't seem to find where I do this. Can anyone explain this a bit better?



You can configure Custom Metrics in "Dimensions, metrics and attributes" tab, "Custom metrics" tab is no longer present in recent DC RUM versions.

Which version do you have? Also could you please point me to the exact place in the documentation where you fund reference to Custom Metrics tab?


I'm running 12.4.13. Here is the link to the documentation I found.

I found the tab now, my screen was cutting off the word metric, so I was just missing it, so the documentation was right..

However, no custom metrics are configured here for this software service. Is there another place custom metrics can be configured, maybe at a global level? When writing a DMI report, there is a category in metrics called "Zurich Metrics" with two available options. I can't find where these are configured

Didn't we define some user-defined (not custom) metrics at one time. If so, there will be a config file (dmi_dataview-*.properties) in the CAS\Config directory with the "Zurich Metric" definitions.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Bob,

Please take a look at the recordings from the last month's webinars around software service configuration in DC RUM 12.4.12.

This one talks specifically about custom metrics: Using custom metrics.

Hope this helps,


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