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How to effectively use sequence transaction configuration?



Can somebody please guide me as how to use sequence transaction configuration (from RUM console) effectively.

What I understand is, we can define some URL's sequentially & that can be defined as transaction.

If my understanding is correct then where can I see this reported transaction in CAS?

Should I add below URL while defining the sequence transaction?




Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Akshay!

Sequence transactions are reported as a Tier in CAS. So if you have any defined, you can for example go to CAS and browse the Data Explorer (on 2017 May release: Explore>Tiers) and select "RUM sequence transactions" from the Tiers left menu.

Another example would be to go to the Application Health Status (on 2017 May release: Applications>Health Status) and while browsing the applications, if you see one that has the Sequence Transactions defined, expand the Health Index and you will see the Sequence Transaction Monitoring.

Do notice the quick links section in the Sequence Transaction monitoring.

You can also use it in DMI by adding a filter on Tiers (in "Application, transaction, and tier data" or "Synthetic and sequence transactions data" data views) so that "RUM sequence transactions" are only taken into account.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your inputs.

But I cant see sequence transaction tier.

I think, I'm missing some configuration here. Can you please guide?



Somehow I'm now able to see the sequence transaction tab but after clicking on "Sequence Transactions Log" it show me all the transaction as aborted.

Kindly help.


Hi Akshay!

I found description of aborted transactions on the following page:

Synthetic and sequence transaction data metrics

Aborted transactions

transaction error code: -3. An aborted transaction is reported when one or more consecutive URLs detected in the traffic match the defined transaction steps, but the next URL detected does not match the transaction definition.

For instance

Transaction definition (a sequence of URLs): A B C
Sequence of URLs seen in the real traffic: A B X C

Transaction is reported as Aborted when X is encountered as ABX doesn't match the definition.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.

I have added the all URL's with appropriate sequence but still all the transactions are reported as aborted.

Basically what I'm trying to achieve here is to report all these URL's as one transactions as AM guy given me a trace from fiddler tool for his action(transaction) which contains large number of URL's.

I don't know whether my approach is correct or not.

Any suggestion/alternative to this?



Hi Akshay!

With the 2018 release, we are working on implementing features that will enable sequence transaction testing so that they are more tuned to your needs. This way you could define the transaction and see how does it play out on the piece of your prerecorded traffic. Hopefully, it would allow elimination of such abandoned operations in your defined sequence transactions.

I do have a question regarding this transaction, are you aware of some correlation ID that could help identify the operations between the START and END of the sequence transaction? That way the sequence could be defined in a more flexible way.