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How to exclude(for not trigger) Apps in alert configuration in NAM2018


In NAM2017 we use to exclude apps with ~(appname |appname2) in output filter, but in NAM2018(DCRUM) tried the same in output filter its showing syntax error.

Can you tell where and how we need to filter the the apps for not to trigger.



Screen shot for the same.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Venkata

The simplest way to achieve your goal is to use a filter on Dimensions and metrics tab, as shown on screenshot below:

Please, have a look at where you'll be able to find much more details regarding alerts introduced in release 2018

Best Regards,


Hi Jacek,

Actually we have configured the alert based on Application names, but some apps are triggering triggering sub-string, here how can i represent required apps and non required apps(need to exclude once) .

In same condition Dimension= Application, i just mentioned with ~ appname, as below screen shot.. but still applications triggering can you please suggest on this.

Hi Venkata,

It seems that your case is more tricky and requires more advanced configuration. You need to use combination of filters on Dimension and metrics tab and Output filter from Advanced configuration tab. Please, have a look at my example. I have 3 applications with names starting wit string 'Client':

I want my alert to be triggered only for applications matching this pattern, but additionally I want to exclude applications which name's ending with *SSL and * TED. Here's my alert configuration:


Output filter is expected to be defined exactly the same way as Rows filter in DMI reports. here's some more details which might be useful for you:

And prove that my alert is triggered for one application only :

Hopefully this will be sufficient for you to create your alerts, but of course, in case of any troubles, I'm here to help you.

Best Regards,


Thank you so much Jacek,

It's working now :).

I have one more question in same alert.

We have configured alert based on dimensions are application name and tier and Metric tierOperTime with benchmark(Baseline) value >150%. (screen shot for the same)

Here my question is i want restrict that alert triggering between 150% to 200% benchmark(150%< alerts <200%).

Since we have another alert configuration for benchmark value >200% . So if benchmark crosses the 200% we are getting 150% alert mail and 200% alert mail( so its getting same duplicate mails).

So is that possible for restricting 150% benchmark alert for not to trigger after crossing 200% benchmark?

Venkata Machineni

Hi Venkata,

I'm really glad to hear that it's working now 🙂

Regarding your next question, did you try with two conditions? There is logical AND between conditions, so please, try with definition like this:

Best Regards,


Thanks Jacek,

Its also working, thanks for your help.