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How to get the list of IPs(active & inactive) which are being monitored in DCRUM from RUM Console.


Am trying to fetch the ips which are monitored from dcrum. I tried pulling the report with the dimension as server IP address and software service...but this way it is showing only the active ips for the time stamp which i select...But am looking for the complete list of IPs for all the applications which are monitored in DCRUM....Do we have a way to pull the list either from RUM Console\CAS Console?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

RUM console is not the source of this data, but CAS database.

DMI report, select Server IP address and Software Service and set time frame to last 12 months and you'd get a list of all server IPs CAS has in it's server IP dictionary - this is a set of all server IPs that were seen in last 12 months. Some of the IPs may no longer be actively monitored so it's better to use last 2 weeks/last month time frame to get a more accurate view.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If you'd like to cross-examine the list that Przemek mentioned, with the list of configuration rules (and IPs defined there), then you need to export list of defined software services from the Console (main menu > Export software services list) and cross-check both files, using a tool of your choice (e.g. Excel, Python etc.).